ansar project
ansar project

Welcome to Ansar Projects

Ansar provide a bespoke service for adults aged 18-65 with a learning disability, autistic spectrum disorder or dual diagnosis who will benefit from an environment which ensures privacy, dignity, independence, choice, rights and fulfilment.

Ansar projects aim to provide a full package of care supporting people with everyday living, leisure and employment opportunities offering a person centred approach.

Ansars philosophy is that all its residents:

  • Achieve a better quality of life
  • Are treated as valued citizens with individual rights and responsibilities
  • Have as much control and responsibility for their own lives as possible
  • Have access to privacy, security and confidentiality
  • Experience continuing individualised and skilled care and support from trained members of staff
  • Have Individual care and support packages with regular reviews and updates
  • Have the opportunity to develop their skills and independence and reach their potential
  • Receive a varied plan of activities